Expel Lauren Boebert from Congress for making up bigoted lies to smear Democrats!

Through her hateful anti-muslim rhetoric, Rep. Lauren Boebert has joined the packed team of Republican legislators clearly unfit for their Congressional seats. Boebert, in a repulsive display, returned to her home district to tell a story about Rep. Ilhan Omar… that included referring to her and her colleagues as the “Jihad squad.” 

Boebert went on to reinforce harmful stereotypes that directly endanger our Muslim neighbors — by alluding that she was worried Omar could have had a bomb, and the only thing that prevented that worry was that Omar did not have a backpack.

It’s bigotry that’s clear as day.

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The inaction from our leaders to expel Rep. Boebert after her heinous comments are partially thanks to the precedent set by her QANON colleagues. Representative Gosar is still in Congress after sharing a violent video depicting AOC’s murder, Marjorie Taylor Greene is still in Congress after spreading wild conspiracy, and to top it off — there are Members of Congress that are currently being investigated for their involvement in a fatal insurrection.

It’s time for our leaders to take a firm stand against the dangerous behavior being conducted by members of the GOP.

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Demand the big drug companies ramp up global vaccine production before COVID mutates again!

It’s time to end COVID and stop worrying about variants even worse than Delta. How can we do that? We work to vaccinate people in other countries. Two years into the pandemic, only 2% of people in low-income countries have been reported to receive at least one dose. 

Vaccinating the rest of the world would help ensure that other strains don’t have the slightest chance to spread. All it would take is one deadly strain that resists our vaccines to cause another national shutdown, when we haven’t even fully recovered from the first wave. 

Add your name to demand big pharma ramp up global vaccine production before COVID mutates again!

Drug companies with access to the vaccine must prioritize global production before another COVID mutation appears.

No one is safe until every country is safe. Even though the delta variant is winding down in the US, variants spreading in other countries threaten our public health. American-made vaccines have the ability to stop the spread, and end the pandemic for good. 

It just depends on whether or not big drug companies value profit over people. 

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The Senate must act quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act!

The House just passed the Build Back Better Act — meaning we are one step closer to making transformational investments in our communities, families, and environment.

Working families can’t wait any longer. I’m calling on the Senate to immediately pass the Build Back Better Act. Will you join me by adding your name to our urgent petition?

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Stop Ohio Anti-Protest Bill HB109

HB109 is an assault against the human rights of Ohioans.

HB109, or the “Ohio Law and Order Act”, would criminalize protesting and chip away at Americans’ right to assemble.

The law would consider 5 people blocking traffic as a “riot”, make “disorderly conduct” an offense warranting 180 days in jail, and give police officers, who can’t be sued, the right to sue protesters and any organizations involved with the protests if an officer is injured.

This assault on the human rights of Ohioans should be opposed by the people of Ohio and any elected official who swore an oath to uphold the constitution.

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