Ohio Deserves a NEW, Transparent Superintendent Search

Tell State Board members Ohio needs a NEW, transparent search process for the next state superintendent!

On June 13 and 14, the State Board of Education will hold its monthly meeting and consider a resolution to bypass a NEW, transparent search process to replace Stephen Dackin as state superintendent. Instead, the resolution would instate Larry Hook as state superintendent, a candidate from the Board’s previous shortlist of finalists.

The resolution comes after Stephen Dackin’s sudden resignation as superintendent amid growing scrutiny over his role in leading the hiring process as the Board vice president, before applying for the position himself. Approval of this resolution removes Ohioans from the search process and adds more concerns to an already controversial hiring.

Ohioans deserve an honest, transparent hiring process that allows us to review candidates, submit feedback, and inform the decision-making process. We need the ability to advocate for an education leader who will prioritize the safety and well-being of every student and educator, champion honest education, and embrace a Whole Child approach to learning.

Email State Board members requesting a NEW, transparent hiring process for Ohio’s next state superintendent.

Tell Congress: BAN Assault Rifles

Uvalde. Buffalo. Parkland. Las Vegas. Sandy Hook. Sutherland Springs.

How many more Americans must be massacred by assault rifles until Congress gets these weapons of war off our streets?

We are tired of mourning. We are tired of empty platitudes. Nations like Australia took decisive action to ban assault rifles, and saw a drastic reduction in gun violence.

Tell your members of Congress to BAN assault rifles now.

Secretary LaRose: Bar Trump from the Ballot and Investigate Jordan for Insurrection

On January 6 2021, a violent mob attacked Congress in an effort to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as the next President. Outgoing President Trump played a primary role in inciting the rioters. But there were many other elected officials who participated as well. In Ohio, we are particularly concerned about the role played by Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-4).

In May, Representative Jordan prevailed in Ohio’s 4th District Primary to determine the Republican nominee for Congress.  But his actions in the days leading up to and during the January 6, 2021 insurrection are sufficient to raise the question whether he must be deemed ineligible to run for re-election in November.

  • Jim Jordan promoted Stop the Steal and election lies and overhyped the significance of Jan. 6. Jordan made several Fox News and Fox Business appearances between Jan. 3 and Jan. 6 in which he claimed the 2020 election was “stolen” and “unconstitutional.”
  • He also made similar claims on a Jan. 5 Newsmax appearance.

In these circumstances, Secretary of State Frank LaRose has a duty to investigate whether Jim Jordan violated his sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Sign if you agree: Secretary of State Frank LaRose is obligated to:

  1. Hold Donald Trump ineligible to run for office again in Ohio based on his insurrectionist activities leading up to and on January 6, 2021.
  2. Investigate whether Jim Jordan’s actions leading up to and on January 6th are properly characterized as insurrectionist or as having given aid and comfort to America’s enemies such that he must also be blocked from the ballot in Ohio.

Demand Transparency From Mike DeWine to End Statehouse Corruption


Demand Transparency From Mike DeWine to End Statehouse Corruption organized by Ohio Democratic Party

The petition

The more we find out about the largest public corruption scandal in state history, the more closely it’s connected to Mike DeWine and his team. Since last year, Ohio Democrats have been pushing for answers from DeWine on what he knew and when about the FirstEnergy bribery scandal that continues to cost Ohioans $287,000 every. single. day.

Now, as Mike DeWine continues to drag his feet, we think Ohioans deserve answers. And we’re so committed to the fight that we’re willing to go to court if we have to.

But we could use your help – and your voice.

Sign our petition and tell Mike DeWine the time for stonewalling is over, we need answers NOW!

Demand Paul Gosar be expelled from Congress for falsely blaming a trans person for the Uvalde massacre!

  • by: OD Action
  • recipient: United States Congress

In the rogue’s gallery of sadistic ideologues, shameless grifters, and unrepentant bigots that make up the House GOP caucus, Rep. Paul Gosar has the dubious distinction of being one of the worst.

As the news broke of the horrifying massacre at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, Gosar used his official Twitter account to promote right-wing misinformation about the shooter by quoting another tweet saying that the killer was a “transsexual leftist illegal alien.”

That tweet contained an image of a random trans woman from Reddit, chosen by right-wing trolls who jump to make false accusations and direct attention away from the real culprits every time something like this happens.

Demand Congress punish Paul Gosar for blaming trans people for the Robb school shooting!

By using his official account to target this innocent trans woman (who doesn’t even live in Texas), Gosar amplified this lie far further than it ever had any right to be. That woman now has a target on her back, doubtlessly already being barraged with death threats and hate mail from Gosar’s rabid followers.

Gosar regularly speaks at white supremacist conferences, has posted animated videos depicting himself killing Democratic members of Congress, and has a long history of promoting white supremacist rhetoric. But now he’s put an innocent bystander in real danger — and he must be made to pay for it.

Demand Paul Gosar be expelled from Congress for blaming a trans person for the Uvalde massacre!