Tell Gov. DeWine to Request Federal Disaster Declaration for East Palestine Train Spill

In 2014, thousands of us joined together to warn the federal government that a disaster like the East Palestine train derailment/chemical spill could happen.

Now we are asking for your support to push DeWine to declare a federal emergency, pushing Biden to honor the declaration and send FEMA aid.

We need DeWine to overcome political concerns, think about the safety of our families, and work with the president to get us the emergency resources we need. Sign our petition to tell DeWine to take action now.

Support Promowest Stagehands

A group of IATSE Local 12 represented Promowest Production Stagehand employees gathered in front of Express Live in Columbus, OH

IATSE Local 12 Promowest stagehands in Columbus, Ohio need our support. Despite years of bargaining, AEG Presents, and it’s subsidiary PromoWest Productions have been unwilling to offer an equitable economic package to their stagehand employees. Current wages are below industry standards, with no access to healthcare or retirement benefits. These workers play an essential role in the entertainment industry, and supporting them means supporting hard-working men and women committed to making the concert experience enjoyable for everyone. By signing the petition, you show your support and bring attention to their cause.

Public Funds For Public Schools – End Private School Vouchers

Pro-voucher legislators in many states (backed by billionaires like Betsy DeVos) are racing to pass private school voucher bills. Private school vouchers threaten public education and religious freedom by forcing taxpayers to fund religious education. They also lack accountability, fund discrimination, and don’t even improve student achievement. These are a few of the many reasons why we must fight all private school voucher programs — and we need your help to do it!

Use our online tool to send your state legislators an urgent message demanding that they reject all private school voucher bills. Public dollars should fund public schools.


Immigrants are welcome here

The Biden administration has proposed a rule that would unlawfully deny asylum to people seeking protection at the southern border who don’t first wait to apply for asylum in Mexico or other countries they passed through – despite the fact that many of these countries don’t have working asylum systems. In doing so, President Biden broke a direct campaign promise.

This new asylum ban is, at its core, Trump’s asylum bans. It will leave the most vulnerable people in much the same position as Trump’s policy did – at risk and unfairly denied the protection of asylum for reasons that have nothing to do with their need for refuge. Whether from President Trump or President Biden, these asylum bans are illegal: Send a message to President Biden now and tell him not to move forward with this asylum ban.

End Qualified Immunity Now!

We need to end qualified immunity. We’re tired of seeing countless folks suffer at the hands of violent police officers on power trips because the law continues to protect them. They need to be held accountable, just like anyone in any other profession. Those who enforce the law should never be immune to it.

Why is this important?

“Shoot first and think later.” That’s how Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor describes the doctrine of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a rule that protects government officials (including police officers) from facing the consequences when they violate our constitutional rights. This doctrine allows police officers to escape accountability for their misconduct and signals to the public that cops are above the law. In any other job, individuals who cause harm are held accountable for their actions. Police cannot continue to be an exception, especially at the expense of Black lives.

The police officers who brutally killed Tyre Nichols were dismissed from their jobs, but that won’t bring Tyre back to his family. And a single action against this group of officers won’t prevent police brutality against more Black and brown communities. Police officers remain unchecked, and will continue to wield their power against other people, as long as they’re seen as “above the law.” One way of taking away their unchecked power is ending qualified immunity.

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