The Senate must act quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act!

The House just passed the Build Back Better Act — meaning we are one step closer to making transformational investments in our communities, families, and environment.

Working families can’t wait any longer. I’m calling on the Senate to immediately pass the Build Back Better Act. Will you join me by adding your name to our urgent petition?

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Stop Ohio Anti-Protest Bill HB109

HB109 is an assault against the human rights of Ohioans.

HB109, or the “Ohio Law and Order Act”, would criminalize protesting and chip away at Americans’ right to assemble.

The law would consider 5 people blocking traffic as a “riot”, make “disorderly conduct” an offense warranting 180 days in jail, and give police officers, who can’t be sued, the right to sue protesters and any organizations involved with the protests if an officer is injured.

This assault on the human rights of Ohioans should be opposed by the people of Ohio and any elected official who swore an oath to uphold the constitution.

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Expel Gosar from Congress Immediately

Campaign created by Justin Krebs

Expel Gosar from Congress Immediately

TO: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, members of the U.S. House of Representatives

Expel Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. His threats and support of violence against fellow members of Congress are unconscionable and grounds for expulsion.

Why is this important?

Paul Gosar shared on twitter a video that imagined him as a hero killing an adversary with the face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and violently battling President Joe Biden.

It would be bad enough if these were the deranged fantasies of a fringe, right-wing lunatic—and would warrant investigation and intervention by law enforcement. But this is by a member of Congress.

And it’s not the only time he’s been part of violence against Congress. Rep. Gosar has consistently supported the white supremacists whose deadly insurrection took lives and threatened members of Congress—including Rep. Ocasio-Cortez—on January 6 in one of the bloodiest days in the history of U.S. Capitol. And it’s been reported since then that he had actively collaborated with the riot’s organizers in advance, even promising them blanket presidential pardons for their actions.

Rep. Gosar’s violent threats and his support of the insurrection warrant his immediate removal from Congress.

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The words 'Take Action' in white on a red rectangle on a background Image of a large protest with a black and maroon color overlay

An extreme, anti-protest, anti-free speech bill is on the move in Ohio. House Bill 109 was born as a reaction to last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder – it will harm our democracy and must be stopped.

House Bill 109:

  • Includes extreme penalties, among them the seizing assets and shutting down organizations, for those who engage in constitutionally protected speech
  • Allows police officers to sue and bankrupt people who make “false complaints” against them but provides no detail as to the type of “complaint” or who decides what is “false”
  • Creates three new felonies and one new misdemeanor and enhances four current offenses for actions that are already illegal

HB 109 is up for a possible vote THIS WEDNESDAY, November 10 – without further testimony, which the committee is not allowing.

TAKE ACTION: Contact the members of the House Criminal Justice Committee and urge them to vote NO House Bill 109. This draconian, dissent destroying bill must be rejected.

Message Recipients:
Members of Ohio’s House Criminal Justice Committee