In some ways, the 2022 Lame Duck session was like many others: fast-paced, quick-changing, hard-to-track, and late night/predawn sessions. 

In many other ways, the 2022 Lame Duck session was a reflection of life with a gerrymandered, super-majority Statehouse. Not only did we see last-minute pushes for bills overhauling public education, restricting voting rights and access, and minimizing criminal justice reforms, but we also saw many of these bills attached as amendments to unrelated legislation. It was clear that the super-majority, not the will of the people, was dictating what did and did not move in the Statehouse. 

Bill that PASSED:

  • HB 458 – Voter restriction bill (voter ID and voter access)
  •  TAKE ACTION – Demand a VETO by calling Gov. DeWine at 614-466-3555 

Bills that DID NOT PASS:

  • HB 322HB 327HB 616 – Educational gag orders, “don’t say gay, don’t say race” 
  • SB 178 – State takeover of public education
  • HB 529 – Online posting of curricula
  • HB 722 – Parents’ Bill of Rights
  • SB 361 – Unlicensed veterans as teachers
  • SB 365 – “Free market capitalism” concepts in high school curriculum
  • HB 151 – Ban on transgender student-athletes
  • HB 454 – Ban on gender-affirming care for minors
  • HJR 6 – 60% vote for initiated constitutional amendment

Every single action you took was significant and powerful. 
This sweeping defeat of extremism in 2022 is largely due to YOUR voice and OUR collective action. This is what community looks like!


See the TOOLBOX page for your Congresspersons’ names, districts, addresses, and phone numbers. And look for Petitions being posted weekly on our NOTICES page.

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