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This year’s Farm Bill is THE bill to watch when it comes to rural issues. That’s why is advocating for $50 billion in rural development grants and the establishment of a National Office of Rural Prosperity to be included in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Rural voters are looking for common-sense public policy solutions that increase incomes, lower costs, and improve the quality of life in their communities. supports the Rebuild Rural America Act, which addresses critical rural needs through the USDA and is an essential step toward achieving these rural goals. The Rural Prosperity Act would create an office in the White House to oversee cross-agency coordination and prioritize rural issues within the federal government.

The Rebuild Rural America Act will:

  • Deliver larger noncompetitive investments directly to rural communities to respond to their unique needs
  • Drive job creation dollars toward demonstrated successes, such as brownfield redevelopment and workforce training programs
  • Deliver innovative solutions to bring human capacity into rural communities
  • Create solutions to easily navigate federal opportunities for communities with low time, technology, and expertise capacities.
  • Ensure benefits of federal programs target and flow to historically underserved communities like Tribal nations by targeting them as eligible entities and tracking federal program impacts in these communities.

The Rural Prosperity Act will:

  • Establish a permanent Office of Rural Prosperity in the White House to coordinate a comprehensive strategy for addressing community well-being in rural areas
  • Call on the president to appoint a Chief Rural Advisor to set a comprehensive rural strategy that identifies the most pressing rural priorities
  • Create accountability for improved community-level outcomes in rural areas
  • Facilitate just economic transitions in energy communities
  • Develop a common set of evidence-based metrics for rural programs across agencies

This year, the Farm Bill provides a critical opportunity to include this legislation to build rural prosperity from the bottom up: it’s time to demand from our Members of Congress that rural development should be a priority this session and in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Please join us in telling your Senators and House member to co-sponsor both the Rebuild Rural America Act and the Rural Prosperity Act and to ensure this legislation is included in the 2023 Farm Bill.

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The Reproductive Rights Ballot Initiative petitions have arrived from Ohio Democratic Party

Any Ohio registered voter can sign, but due to limited petitions and because each petition packet can have signatures from only one county, we are focusing on signatures from Logan County only at this time.  Logan County Democrats have Signature Collection events tomorrow and the following Saturday! This petition is to meet the requirements for an Ohio constitutional amendment protecting reproductive rights to appear on the November ballot. Here’s what you need to know!

  • Signature signing event March 25, from 1 to 6 p.m., in the parking lot at 468 County Road 11, Bellefontaine!  (There might be signing inside if weather is too inclement, but weather forecast is good for this time). There will be multiple volunteers collecting and witnessing signatures, so stop by and sign! Look for the sign that says “SIGN PETITION HERE”! You will need to use the address where you are registered to vote and sign the way you are registered.
  • If you know someone from another county who wants to sign or circulate a petition, contact Barb at 937-303-2221 to find out the Democrat Petition Coordinator for that county.
  • Signature signing event, 1-6 p.m., Saturday, April 1, inside Logan County Solid Waste District, 1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine! This is another great opportunity to sign the petition!
  • We will be getting more petitions and need more volunteers to collect the signatures we need from Logan County!  It is important that you participate in the online training in order to effectively and accurately collect petitions.  There are opportunities to get the training in the next week, and you can contact Barb at 937-303-2221 to sign out a petition packet (there are 35 signatures possible on each petition packet) as soon as you have done the training.  For training through Ohio Democratic Party, use this weblink: (next training on March 28).  For training through Protect Choice Ohio, use this weblink: (next training on March 30).  If you have collected signatures on previous ballot initiatives, contact Barbra at 937-303-2221 to assure that you have all the information needed to collect signatures on this initiative.
  • The Ballot Initiative Petition Packets are numbered and have a QR code for tracking and to prevent sabotage by those who oppose the effort and might attempt to sabotage by duplicating the packets.  Each signature collector will need to sign out the packet they use to collect signatures and return the packet to Barbra when completed or within a couple of weeks, as ODP will be tracking the numbers frequently. Those collecting signatures tomorrow will be expected to keep the petition they have signed out and return it at the next signature collection on April 1 or in the week after April 1.
  • Logan County Democrats would like to have another petition signing event at Indian Lake!  Please contact Barb at 937-303-2221 if you are willing to work on this!  We do have a small group who are brainstorming about this and we hope to link everyone involved soon.

There are some significant efforts being made by Republicans to block this ballot initiative, but we are plowing ahead anyway and we thank everyone in advance for your signing and participation to protect reproductive rights! We hope to see many of you soon!

March Newsletter 3/20

There are exciting developments since our last newsletter! A piece of Great News; there is a ballot initiative involving voter signature collection to get an Ohio Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot to protect reproductive rights! We will have much more information at our meeting on Tuesday (March 21, 7:30 p.m., 1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine)!  This email will focus on the Ballot Initiative as well as current and upcoming happenings in Logan County and in Ohio.

There is now an opportunity for Ohio voters to assure continued Reproductive Healthcare access, including abortion access, as it was assured under the 1973 Roe decision. Before this amendment to the Ohio Constitution can be voted on in the November election, a vast number of signatures must be obtained from Ohio registered voters petitioning for the measure to be on the ballot. Petitions are being printed by Protect Choice Ohio, with multiple groups collecting signatures. There must be 413,446 total valid signatures collected. Of this total, there must be, from at least 44 of the 88 counties, signatures totaling at least 5% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election in that county. To safely meet this criterion for Logan County, we need to collect about 2000 signatures and these need to be turned in by June 24 to assure meeting the statewide deadline of July 5.  Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) is committed to collecting 100,000 of the signatures and will have a lead person in each county to coordinate this.  Barbra Gant (phone 937-303-2221) is the Democratic Party lead for this project in Logan County and will be coordinating procurement of the petition packets, signing them out to signature collectors, and return of the packets to ODP. We hope to have our first batch of petitions this week. The petitions from ODP can be used by any voter doing so as a Democrat, in a situation in which this is allowed.  You can collect signatures from friends and family in this way. Registered Ohio voters may sign without regard to party affiliation. In circumstances (such as Voter Registration when required to be nonpartisan) other petitions must be used. Victoria Maddox will be working on obtaining petitions from Protect Choice Ohio for this purpose. Please contact Barb at 937-303-2221 if you want to work to collect signatures as a Democrat. There are many rules about obtaining these signatures, and we strongly recommend participating in on-line training to prepare for this, even if you have collected signatures for past ballot initiatives! To get training for ballot collection through the Democrats, sign up here. To get training through Protect Choice Ohio, sign up here. There are many dates available, and we hope many of you will sign up to help! Please note that the TV ads against this effort are scare-mongering and incorrect, as “There is absolutely nothing in the proposed amendment  that mentions or supersedes Ohio’s parental consent laws”.


  • March Grassroots Meeting: Tuesday, March 21, 7:30 p.m., Logan County Solid Waste District, 1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine.  There is a lot going on, and we have a lot to discuss and plan!  This is in-person only, so please attend if you can! We have a lot to share and discuss, and your input is needed!
  • Ballot Inititative Signature Collections, Next Two Saturdays! Assuming receipt of petition packets from ODP, there will be drive-in collection of voter signatures for the Reproductive Rights Initiative, 1-6 p.m. this coming Saturday, March 25, in the parking lot of 468 County Road 11, Bellefontaine. This location is across the road from Southview Park. If we are unable to get the petitions by then, we will send out another email, but you can count on signing that day if there is no email otherwise. There will also be a drive-in signature collection (inside the building) 1-6 p.m. on Saturday, April 1, at Logan County Solid Waste District, 1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine. Coordinators would like to have a drive-in signature collection at Indian Lake also; if you have an idea for this or would like to work on organizing, please contact Barb at 937-303-2221. Also contact Barb if you want to collect signatures as a Democrat. 
  • Democrats 101 multi-state Conference in Elyria, April 1! In 2022, our Grassroots group, and the local Democrats studied a book called Democrats 101, which included a values-based creed which was adopted by the local Democrats and has been adapted for use on literature by the County Democratic Party. The values of the creed are very similar to those stated by our Grassroots group. The Democrats 101 organization is convening a conference, “Reclaiming our American Vision and Values” with many interested parties, in Elyria on April 1. There is a cost of $60 for the day (including meals); if you believe in the values of the creed and would like to network with like-minded people from several states, it is worth considering, especially if you are running or plan to run for office!  Here is the registration information.
  • Democrats serving meal at Our Daily Bread, 4:15-6 p.m., April 5. This is a new monthly community service activity of Logan County Democrats! To sign up for this activity, contact Sue Neer at 937-935-3492.
  • First Friday Voter Registration, April 7, in front of The Marketplace, Bellefontaine. This is a Democratic community service involving the local Democratic Party and Grassroots Democrats. The usual time for Voter Registration at First Fridays is 5-8 p.m., but events that day start as early as 1 p.m., and there could be benefit in being there earlier if volunteers are available.  To volunteer, contact Barb at 937-303-2221.
  • Logan County Democratic Party Executive Committee, April 12 at 6:30 p.m., Logan County Solid Waste District, 1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine. This is the official leadership meeting of the County Democratic Party and all are welcome, although only Committee members may vote. The meeting is also available on zoom here and is broadcast on the Logan County Democrats of Ohio private Facebook group. 
  • Logan County Democrats Drive-Thru Spring Fundraiser Dinner, April, 5-7 p.m. at 468 County Road 11, Bellefontaine. Funds raised through this event help to pay for the Democrats’ booth at the County Fair, the Democrats’ headquarters during election campaign season, and other expenses!  The meal will be from 2Gs, with a choice of Ribs or Fish (fried or baked). Included are potato salad, cornbread, cookies and soft drink or water. Due to increased costs, tickets are $30 per meal and can be paid ahead of time or at the time of pickup, but reservations must be made before the event to Sue Neer at 937-935-3492 or at
  • Adopt A Highway Cleanup is a joint project of Logan County Grassroots Democrats and Democrats from the County Democratic Party. Our next cleanup on our 2-mile section of US 33 will be scheduled sometime this spring. There is a brief video training for new participants. Contact coordinator Nancy Magnuson, 937-844-1433 to participate!  This is a great outdoor activity of community service!
  • Primary Election, May 2. PLEASE NOTE: IN OHIO, PARTY AFFILIATION IS DETERMINED BY PULLING A PRIMARY BALLOT FOR A PARTICULAR PARTY AND THERE IS NO DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY IN LOGAN COUNTY THIS YEAR DUE TO RACES BEING UNCONTESTED! IF YOU PULL A REPUBLICAN BALLOT, YOU WILL BE A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If your location has an issue on the ballot, such as a tax levy, you can pull an ISSUES ONLY ballot. Despite there being no Democratic Primary Election, Democrats and Independents may still be needed to staff the polls on Election Day, and this is a paid position.  If you would like to work the polls, contact the Board of Elections at 937-599-7255.

Canvassing with Democrats was initiated on Feb. 19 in Bellefontaine, reaching out to young voters in 2nd ward, with deep canvassing to engage and discover the voters’ concerns that could be addressed by city government. Of the 30 voters targeted, only 3 were at home and, in many cases, canvassers were told that the voter sought was at work. The Dems Voter Outreach Committee decided to change plans and to canvass this group with literature displaying a QR code that would lead to a survey as a means of engaging the voter and collecting information about their concerns. “Lit Drop Canvassing” to 100 Dem-leaning voters, ages 35 and younger, in Bellefontaine has just been completed. Further plans will be determined after the survey results are obtained.

“The Gay Talk”, an interactive, informal and informative session, was sponsored by Logan County Grassroots Democrats and presented by Logan Boggs on March 18. This was a valuable experience for the nine participants! There were a number of people who expressed interest but were unable to attend on March 18, and we can consider scheduling another session.  If you are interested in participating in a future session, please notify Barb at 937-303-2221.


Tell your legislators: Don’t defund Ohio schools, libraries, and children’s services

Tell your legislators to reject two dangerous proposals* that would sabotage Ohio’s budget and jeopardize funding for public schools, higher education, libraries, children’s services, and other essential public services. Instead, tell them to meet their constitutional obligation to fully and equitably fund Ohio’s public schools.

*HB1 is a regressive tax scheme that would lead to big tax cuts for the rich and create a $4 billion revenue shortfall over the next two years.

HB11 would drain public schools of funding by offering private education vouchers to every Ohio student who attends private school or is home schooled. It has the potential to cost more than $1 billion per year just to pay for the students who already receive private education.

This week at the Ohio Statehouse that will affect YOU

House Ways and Means Committee
Tuesday, March 7, 2:30pm

House Bill 1 – Proponent Testimony
Modifies property taxation, creates flat state income tax of 2.75%, cuts $1.2B from local government and schools

House Bill 66 – Sponsor Testimony
Regards the deduction and recovery of bad debts for cigarette and tobacco and vapor products taxes

Senate Education Committee 
Tuesday, March 7, 3:30pm

Senate Bill 11 – Interested Party Testimony
Creates a universal voucher program; provides up to $7,500 to students; increases tax credits for homeschooling

​Senate Bill 14 – Proponent Testimony
Expands eligibility for veterans to teach without a license

Senate Bill 29 – Proponent Testimony
Regards usage and maintenance of education records and student data privacy

Senate Bill 66 – Sponsor Testimony
Requires public and private schools to transmit a transferred student’s records within five school days

House Higher Education Committee 
Wednesday, March 8, 10:30am 

House Bill 6 – Sponsor Testimony
Requires schools, colleges, and universities to create “separate single-sex teams and sports for each sex”; prohibits “individuals of the male sex to participate on athletic teams or in athletic competitions designated only for participants of the female sex”